Services Computing: shaping the new wave.


Meeting on the Evolution of Service Computing organized by the IFIP WG on Service Oriented System ( co-located with SummerSOC (

Services computing has evolved many times and in many directions since its inception in the late 90s/early 2000s: Web services, REST services, APIs, XaaS, microservices, serverless, with each direction reflecting different technological flavours—both functional and non-functional—focusing often on considerably different domains.


The early 2000s have seen the rise of service orientation and service computing as key paradigms to shape methods and tools for the development and operation of so-called ‘service-dominant’ applications – a new generation of systems able to seamlessly integrate with an open world of similarly-designed applications and application elements called services.

From 2010, a new wave of technological progress hit the same research and practical market, e.g., with the so-called “API economy”, that introduced techniques and tools to blend a business-savvy perspective over previously developed service computing approaches and techniques, which were now required to be more scalable and reliable, accessing valuable to sensible data, possibly even shared across very different organizations. At the same time, service orientation also heavily influenced how computational resources are provided and consumed, i.e., via virtualization and the Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) paradigm, e.g., applied in Cloud Computing.

Finally and recently, keywords such as container orchestration, microservice architectures, and hybrid containerization have moved the principles of service orientation to an unprecedented, fine-grained, multi-faceted dimension. Essentially, the question we aim to address in this meeting is “What’s next?”


The goal of the session is to simulate the discussion around topics, proposed by researchers and practitioners, which will guide the next evolution of service computing in the upcoming years. One of the main outcomes of the meeting will be an initial draft of a manifesto – to be finalized in the following period – helpful for our community.

How to participate and contribute

We call for you to participate in this gathering with the key objectives of:

  1. Presenting your current work in defining new approaches in the area of service computing
  2. Presenting your vision of service computing in 2030
  3. Attending the meeting to contribute to the discussion

If you want to contribute, you are invited to inform the organizers (sending an e-mail to with a title [IFIP-WG-EVENT2022 contribution] about the topic you would like to discuss with a very short abstract (max. 2000 characters) until May 16th.

All the contributors are required to actively participate in the meeting.

No papers are required to be submitted in advance but the final results of the proceeding will be submitted as a manifesto to a top journal in the field.


The meeting will be co-located with by SummerSOC, the traditional symposium and summer school on service-oriented computing which takes place at the Aldemar conference center at Hersonissos 25km from the international airport of Heraklion (Crete) with daily direct flights to all European capitals. For more information please visit the SummerSOC Web site (